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Listing University

Private coaching program. Live webinars, workshops, interviews, podcasts where Borino shares the latest marketing strategies, new tips and techniques, scripts and dialogs… and lot more. Exclusive marketing content, videos, tools and inspiration.

Presentation PLUS

Advanced Listing Presentation: Complete system and step-by-step course on how turn every appointment into listing. How to get more appointments, more listings, and better-priced listings using the latest psychology, neuro-biology and technology.

Expired Express

Easy, simple and quick way to list expired listings. Includes a set of letters, agent brochure, marketing blitz mailers, and a complete step-by-step instructions. Plus a new Expired PLUS 3.0  guide to expired listings. From first contact to building rapport, to follow up, all the way to the listing appointment. Included are all the scripts, questions, dialogs, and objections.

logo-open-house-redOpen House PLUS

A complete real estate system: How to have more open house visitors, more leads, more clients, more commissions… And even more fun – this weekend!


gravity-logo-smallGravity PLUS

Get the attention of motivated buyers and sellers, build trust and rapport, and influence them to pick You – over your competition… Without “closing”, being pushy, aggressive or salesey.

mind-active-brainMind Matrix PLUS

Effortlessly remove procrastination, limiting behaviors and worries and quickly re-program your subconscious mind for success, focus, wealth, inner power, self-esteem and prosperity.

universityExpired Plus University

Tips, tricks and techniques to quickly convert expired listings into leads, listings and commissions.